Poem: I Walk Ashland – 1

I Walk Ashland – 1

I walk Ashland
For communication and community.
103 miles of streets.
22,000 humans (approximately).
Many neighborhoods.
Countless stories.
As I walk every Ashland street,
I will write
What I see, hear, smell, touch and taste.
I will observe,
Listen to stories from “locals,”
Take photographs,
Write poems,
Communicate creatively.
I will share
My sights and insights, and
Encourage community.

Peter Finkle
April 5, 2018

Author: Peter Finkle

I moved to Ashland in 1991. I am a Husband, Father, Writer | Herbal Health Researcher | Co-Founder: Vets Vites dietary supplements, a company with a mission to support Veterans & their families. https://vetsvites.com/

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