Poem: My City – Ashland

Ashland, farmers market
My City – Ashland

Ashland, farmers market

Chicago is the muscular city of Carl Sandburg
New York is the always-awake, bright-lights city of Frank Sinatra
San Francisco is the City by the Bay where Tony Bennett left his heart
Ashland is my home for 26 years
Ashland has small town feeling every time a visitor is greeted with a smile
Ashland has big city excitement every time the curtain opens on another world-premiere play
Ashland is a magnetic haven for seekers of spiritual consciousness, breakthrough creativity and mountain trails

Author: Peter Finkle

My name is Peter Finkle. I moved to Ashland in 1991. My email is walkashland-at-ashlandhome.net. I am a Husband, Father, Poet, Writer and Herbal Health Researcher.

2 thoughts on “Poem: My City – Ashland”

  1. Peter:
    Delightful. I enjoy your odyssey and observations. I’m at 399 Morton–purple door, purple lavendar.
    A few months ago, I started an Urban Sketching group. Five or six of us meet Tuesday mornings at various spots in Ashland to sketch for an hour or so, compare our works and enjoy all that’s Ashland.

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