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Ashland Oregon rainbow

I am writing an article – with photos – about every street in Ashland!

  • Learn about Ashland people, history, gardens, wildlife in our neighborhoods, architecture, majestic trees, local businesses, restaurants and more.
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Comments from readers:

What a fascinating and well documented piece of Ashland history! Lance Locke was my husband’s Junior high school science teacher. Ashland owes a debt of gratitude to Peter Finkle for capturing this piece of local history. [K.C.]
You enrich my life! [D.W.]
This is a beautifully presented history lesson. Thank you Peter! [E.A.]
Peter, I love every one of your photo tours! [R.K.]
A wonderful post about Mr. Wong and family which hopefully will provide a better understanding of the lives of Chinese immigrants for Ashland non-Chinese. [J.J.]