Henry Street – Busy with SOU students

Henry Street – Busy with SOU students

SOU Students, Yard Art and Huge Trees.

Photo essay published in 2018.

I walked Henry Street, only two blocks long, on a cloudy, damp afternoon in April 2018.  One end is at Mountain Avenue, running into the SOU Education & Psychology building.  The other end is at Liberty Street.  I enjoyed the yard art on Henry Street.

In the two blocks of Henry Street, there are a few homes and an apartment building.  One large open space (pleasant and grassy) is the Lincoln School grounds.  The other large open space (useful and asphalty) is SOU Parking Lot 36.

Due to its proximity to SOU, Henry Street is very busy on days the university is in session, as it was the day of my walk.  Students are driving through or looking for parking spaces.  They park on both sides of Henry Street and are out walking back and forth between campus and their cars.

Henry Street has a mix of older and newer houses.  I liked the “watercolor sky” above this recently built house with solar panels on the roof.

I didn’t meet people to converse with on this afternoon walk.  I didn’t even meet any of the Ashland deer.  During my traverse of this short street, I was most impressed by the yard art and several massive trees.

If birds chose their houses based on aesthetics, this one would be in high demand.  However, I wonder if it is protected enough from cats to be a practical home for birds.  Cats can climb 10 feet up a tree trunk if they have a reason to, and chirping baby birds might be a strong reason.

I admired the simple stacked-rocks yard art in this front yard near the SOU parking lot.  The rocks and plantings give this small yard a Zen feeling in the midst of a bustling block full of students coming and going.

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