Unusual and “Ouch” Cars in Ashland

A totaled Toyota in Ashland.

Unusual and “Ouch” Cars in Ashland

Thirteen auto photos.
Some photos will make you say “Ouch.”
Some photos will elicit a smile.

I hope you enjoy these photos of cars that I call Unusual and “Ouch” cars. I have spotted all of them in Ashland during the past few years.

“Ouch” with a bandaid

"Ouch" car in Ashland.
Here’s an “ouch” with a bandaid. The writing says “2020 SUCKS.” (photo by Peter Finkle, 2020)

Fun and fierce

"Tonka" truck in Ashland.
This is a mighty big “Tonka” truck! I guess big boys need big toys. (photo by Peter Finkle, 2022)
Fierce hub caps pickup truck.
This is an “Ouch” car in a different sense. Look at those hub caps! I’d put this pickup truck in the “fierce” category. (photo by Peter Finkle, 2015)

Small and smaller

Mini Cooper
It is called a “Mini” Cooper. On this one, the license plate is the icing on the cake: “A Go Kart.” (photo by Peter Finkle, 2018)
Small muscle car.
How about a small one? Is this car cute or fierce or practical? I can’t tell. (photo by Peter Finkle, 2019)
Very small car.
Wait a minute…let’s go even smaller! Is this a Smart car convertible? Or what? (photo by Peter Finkle, 2009)

Does it get any longer than this one?

Stretch limo in Ashland.
You can’t stretch a limo much further than this white one, spotted on B Street in 2021. (photo by Peter Finkle, 2021)

Unusual sights on the streets of Ashland

"Rust Doctor" hearse in parade.
This photo is from the 2011 Ashland 4th of July parade. Is there some connection between illness, death and rust? (photo by Peter Finkle, 2011)
Wookie in pickup truck.
Is Han Solo in the cockpit? (photo by Peter Finkle, 2020)
"Ouch" RV in Ashland.
This is not a car, but It’s worthy of inclusion in the Unusual and “Ouch” photo collection. In 2021, an RV slid backwards down Beach Street and ended up in a gully across the street from our house. Fortunately, no one was hurt. Two huge tow trucks arrived. One is stabilizing the back of the RV, so it doesn’t roll onto its side. The other one is pulling the RV out of the gully. (photo by Peter Finkle)

Ouch, Ouch!, and Double-OUCH

Car on side in Ashland.
I happened to be walking by Ashland High School not long after this car ended up on its side. No one was hurt. But very dramatic! (photo by Peter Finkle, 2022)
A totaled Toyota in Ashland.
Ouch! You can see the massive size of the tree that came down at Siskiyou Blvd and Clay Street, and totaled this Toyota car. (photo by Peter Finkle, 2021)
"Ouch" car in Ashland.
Double-OUCH! The massive tree that came down at Siskiyou Blvd and Clay Street actually took out two cars. Clay Street is pretty wide at this point, and the white Ford in the foreground was on the opposite side of the street! (photo by Peter Finkle, 2021)

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Classic car in Ashland.
Ron Rezek’s 1937 Rolls Royce Phantom was a hit in the 2018 4th of July parade. Rezek said, “It was built for a maharajah in India,” according to a 7/4/2018 Mail Tribune article,(photo by Peter Finkle, 2018)
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