Quirky Sights in Ashland: Part 1

Quirky Sights in Ashland: Part 1

I hope this photo essay will lift your spirits.
18 photos.
See how many you can recognize!
Photo Essay of Funny, Strange, Artistic and Historic Sights & Sites in Ashland.

Now that’s a cool house number. (photo by Peter Finkle)

Quirky holiday highlights!

Yes, there really are unicorns in Ashland (on the 4th of July, anyway). (photo by Peter Finkle)

As I walk the streets of Ashland, I am stopped in my tracks again and again by a surprising sight I have never noticed before. This post trades the written word for the visual image. My hope is that these photos will lift your spirits.

Halloween 2009 Ashland – a REAL wiener dog. (photo by Peter Finkle)
While we are looking at Halloween quirkiness, we can’t forget the monster spiders. (photo by Peter Finkle)

Unique entry arch

Here’s an artistic and unusual entry arch, designed by Wendy Eppinger and sculpted by Eric Cislo in 2006. For close-ups of the arch, see below. (photo by Peter Finkle)

Wendy Eppinger’s entry arch at 190 Walker Avenue has an interesting story. She came up with the idea for the dramatic entry to her property, and then started collecting the unusual inset pieces. She found the center skull on Craigslist. The two cat skeletons came via eBay. Eppinger brought the two roosters back home from a trip to Mexico. Finally, the blue circles are from blue Sake bottles, thanks to Kobe Japanese restaurant. It was built for her by Eric Cislo.

Here is the center of the arch. (photo by Peter Finkle)
Detail number 2 of the arch. (photo by Peter Finkle)
Detail number 3 of the arch. (photo by Peter Finkle)

Car critters

Now for something completely different. I spotted this critter riding on a car in a motel parking lot. (photo by Peter Finkle)
On the car next to the galactic dinosaur critter was a Southwest airlines critter. (photo by Peter Finkle)

Odd alley denizens

This odd sight is part of the fun of walking Ashland’s alleys. (photo by Peter Finkle)
Here is a happier alley creature. (photo by Peter Finkle)
This fella must be related to the tree-fella in photo above. (photo by Peter Finkle)

Signs new and old

I couldn’t resist this clever, loving sign on the admin table at the Growers & Crafters Market. (photo by Peter Finkle)
This is a different kind of sign. It is 101 year old graffiti left by firemen who staffed the 1908 fire station. (photo by Peter Finkle)
I bet many people will recognize the location of this quote from a 17th century Japanese poet. (photo by Peter Finkle)
The location of this one will be more challenging. The quote is much more ancient than the 17th century. If you look closely just above “Say Friend and Enter,” you may be able to read the Elvish that was written on the gates of Moria. This one is for all Tolkien and Lord of the Rings fans. (photo by Peter Finkle)
Since we are now entering Springtime and more hours in the garden (if we have one), this scene should help us move on through our day with a lighter heart. (photo by Peter Finkle)

If you enjoy “quirky,” you might enjoy my article about “The Mystery of the Peerless Hotel Marbles.”

  • Cheryl Goodman-Morris
    Posted at 09:30h, 23 March Reply

    These are really fun, Peter. I love your eye, and the wonderful quotes you’ve included. Thank you!

    • Peter Finkle
      Posted at 12:35h, 23 March Reply

      Thank you, Cheryl. I enjoy “noticing” details. Life is much richer that way.

  • Esther Auerbach
    Posted at 15:16h, 22 March Reply

    Thank you Peter for giving your readers something uplifting to look at, and for reminding us to observe the beauty as we go about our day.

    Stay well.

    • Peter Finkle
      Posted at 12:37h, 23 March Reply

      Thank you for reading, and for sharing the beauty. Sometimes it is hard to see, but it’s worth the effort.

  • Jackie Bachman
    Posted at 12:06h, 22 March Reply

    Loved all the quirky pics of Ashland! Thank you Peter!

    • Peter Finkle
      Posted at 12:38h, 23 March Reply

      I’m glad you do. There will be a “Part 2,” and hopefully many more after that.

    Posted at 11:44h, 22 March Reply

    Thank you Peter for brightening my morning. I needed this ❤️

  • Donna Wright
    Posted at 11:13h, 22 March Reply

    Enjoyed the post!

  • Jean Linington
    Posted at 10:31h, 22 March Reply

    These are happy reminders of the quirky place we live in/love. Stay well.

    • Peter Finkle
      Posted at 12:40h, 23 March Reply

      Jean, In addition to having fun with this project, my hope is to contribute toward building community. So reminders of why we live here and love being here can be valuable.

  • Lee
    Posted at 09:52h, 22 March Reply

    Wonderful photo essay Peter. Groove on.

    • Peter Finkle
      Posted at 12:41h, 23 March Reply

      My pleasure…I’ll try to keep “feeling groovy” despite the difficult time we are living through.

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